You’re coping, but you want to thrive

We learn to cope with a lot. We manage several different roles - from work, to family, to home - and we’re expected to handle it all in stride. When a new challenge arises, such as a birth, a death, a medical diagnosis, or a relationship change, it can feel like we’re just supposed to handle it along with the rest.

What if you didn’t have to handle it on your own?

With the help of a Sage House therapist, you can lean on the steady support of someone who understands. We’ll help you make sense of your life transition and help you find fulfillment in your life again.

How it works

After your initial consultation, therapy starts with a 75 minute intake session and is followed by weekly 60 minute sessions. We’ll work together to find the right balance of art and talk therapy for you, and the duration of therapy will depend on your individual needs.