How Do I Choose the Right Therapist For Me?

Finding the right therapist is one of  the most important parts of therapy.  It lays the foundation for building trust and feeling comfortable exploring personal experiences and difficult emotions. When choosing a therapist you might consider the training, years of experience, theoretical orientation or the therapist's specialty.

The right "fit" can be found using Psychology Today, web searches or word of mouth. I offer a free 20 minute consultation to give potential clients a chance to ask questions and get to know me a little better before committing to a first session. 

Is Therapy Confidential?

Yes, everything you say and do in therapy is confidential. However, the law requires me to contact the appropriate authorities if there is reason to suspect abuse or neglect or if you threaten to harm yourself or someone else. If you choose to sign a Release of Information Form, I can be in communication with your care providers or a specific member of your medical or treatment team. 

How Frequently Will I Attend Therapy Sessions?

Depending on the nature of the issue, most clients will begin therapy by coming for weekly sessions. It is important to have consistency and frequency, especially in the beginning of therapy, to help build rapport and lay a solid foundation for the therapy work to come. 

Once we have started our work together we can then look at the nature of the issues and come up with the most appropriate treatment frequency and duration. Many people start coming to therapy weekly, then switch to bi-weekly and eventually once a month. 

I also understand my clients have busy lives and making it to my office is not always possible. For those times, I offer online Telehealth therapy sessions. This service is provided through an easy to use, confidential, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing tool. 

How Long Will I Be In Therapy?

Every client is unique and seeking therapy for different reasons. Some clients work with me to address specific, acute issues that can be resolved relatively quickly. Other clients may need to focus on deeper, life-long issues. In these cases, clients typically see me for longer periods of time to allow for in-depth work and insight with the goal of lasting change. 

How Can I Get the Most Out of Each Therapy Session?

As with most things in life, what you put into therapy is what you get out of it. Being open, authentic and trusting of the process are all great starting points to getting the most out of your investment. 

Therapy is a journey and it is not always easy. We may go to places you were not aware of or haven't visited in a long time. Communicating with me as your therapist and fellow traveler on your journey is a key component to getting the most out of the experience. You may also keep a journal of thoughts and feelings and ask for homework assignments to do between sessions.  Making sure to value your time in therapy is also key. By keeping your appointments and remaining consistent even when it gets tough, you are giving yourself the chance to experience lasting change. 

Do I Have To Be Artistic?

Not at all! The only requirement is to give it a try and remain open minded!

Do I Have To Make Art, Play Or Use A Sandtray In My Therapy?

Your therapy is your time so there is no requirement to ever do anything you don't want to do! 

Art, play and sand tray an be helpful for some clients and may provide another way of moving through a stuck place or exploring something more deeply. That said, each person will find a certain modality more helpful. For many of my adult clients, they start out with talk therapy and later, choose to explore with art, sand and play. As a client, you have the opportunity to share how you would like me to work with your unique needs.