You love your child and just want them to be happy

Maybe you have tried everything and just can’t seem to figure out how to help your child. You may know your child or teen is struggling, but you just aren’t sure how to help. We are here to provide the space for exploration, understanding, compassion and support.

“Parenthood is easy!”- said no parent ever

We know raising kids while balancing your own adult life can be challenging. Being a parent may even feel overwhelming, impossible or just plain joyless at times, especially when you lack a supportive community. We are here to be your village, support your family, and bring enjoyment and peace back to the wild ride that is parenthood. 

How it works

After your complimentary phone consultation you will be connected to the associate who best meet the needs of your child, teen and/or family. Therapy starts with a 75 minute intake session, followed by weekly 60 minute sessions. We’ll work together to find the right balance of art and talk therapy for your child and family, and the duration of therapy will depend on the specific needs of your child and/or your family. For all children, weekly therapy is highly recommended to maintain consistency and efficacy. Parents are involved in the therapeutic process throughout, which includes joint child-parent sessions, family sessions and separate parent meetings which occur at established intervals throughout the duration of your child’s therapy.