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You, your child, and your family all have the potential to live a joyful, fulfilled and empowered life.

All individuals and families have innate strengths that with the right support can allow for healthy, connected, meaningful lives. 

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When life throws new or sometimes unfamiliar challenges our way we may feel stuck or overwhelmed. Feelings of anxiety, depression,fear and loss of control can make it difficult to express our inner feelings and experiences. We may be at a loss for words or not know how to get help and feel better. 

Perhaps you are a parent whose child is struggling and you are at a loss for how best to provide support. Maybe you have tried interventions, read all the right books and are still working to understand how to best help your child.  

You or a loved one does not need to struggle alone. A fulfilling life is possible. Mental health counseling, as well as art, sand tray and play therapy all provide ways to address these symptoms in an understanding and compassionate environment.


Anxiety & Depression


Life Transitions/Adjustment 

Medical/Chronic Illness

Substance Abuse & Addictions

Relationship Conflict

Fertility, Pregnancy & Postpartum Stress

Individual Therapy for Adults


Art therapy in combination with traditional counseling can help you tune into you authentic self and gain greater insight and perspective. There is no art experience required, just a willingness to explore. We specialize in providing attuned, thoughtful care and take into account your unique story and experiences. Together we work towards the life you want to be living. 

Therapy for Children & Teens


All children and adolescents can live healthy and fulfilled lives with the right resources and support systems. Each child is unique and what is helpful for one may not be helpful for another. We specialize in providing a nurturing, therapeutic relationship and customized approach to each individual's needs. In therapy we work together to establish treatment goals and in the process often discover new and helpful insights into behaviors and feelings. 

Family Therapy


When a family member is struggling to cope the whole family is impacted. We work with families using art, play and sand tray as well as more traditional counseling techniques. We give family members the opportunity to connect, play and enjoy the process of exploration while deepening and strengthening relationships.

Couples Counseling


When a couple is struggling it can feel overwhelming to know how and where to begin to repair the bond. We help partners explore, communicate and connect in a nurturing and supportive environment taking into account the complexities of each relationship. 

Parental Coaching & Support


Being a parent is not easy and we are here to help support you! Whether it is learning strategies for effective co-parenting, how to best support a child with anxiety, ADHD or a chronic medical illness or just checking in to make sure you are on the "right track," we provide strategies and resources tailored to your specific needs. 

Professional Supervision


Professionals working towards their ATR-BC and/or an LPC can schedule individual or group supervision with Kate Tedeschi. Kate holds an ATR-BC and an LPC in Virginia and Washington DC. She is registered as an approved supervisor with the VA Board of Counseling.

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